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​All documens of JCA-Res178 are listed below by meetings:

2nd meeting (eletronic meeting, 15:00-16:30, 10 June 2014)

​​Doc 14​Updated summary of reponses to JCA-Res178 LS1 from ITU-T SGs​JCA-Res178 Co-convenors
Doc 13​LS on SG2 activities pertinent to PP Resolution 178 (ref: JCA-Res178-LS1)​ITU-T SG2
Doc 12​LS/o/r (reply to JCA Res.178 –LS1) on “Technical Aspects of Telecommunication Networks to support the Internet’’ ​ITU-T SG3
Doc 11LS/r on JCA-Res178 request for input (reply to JCA-Res178-LS001)ITU-T SG15
Doc 10Rev.1​Proposed agenda of 2nd JCA-Res178 meeting​JCA-Res178 Co-convenors
Doc 10Proposed agenda of 2nd JCA-Res178 meetingJCA-Res178 Co-convenors
Doc 9Summary of reponses to JCA-Res178 LS1 from ITU-T SGsJCA-Res178 Co-convenors
Doc 8LS/r on JCA-Res178 requests your input (JCA-Res178-LS1)ITU-T SG 2
Doc 7LS/o/r on ITU-T JCA-Res178 requests your input (JCA-Res178-LS1)ITU-T SG17
Doc 6LS/r on JCA-Res178 requests your input (JCA-Res178-LS1)ITU-T SG5
Doc 5LS/r on nominating ITU-T SG12 contact to JCA-PP10 Res178 ITU-T SG12
Doc 4LS/o/r on requests your input Rapporteur of ITU-T Q13/9
Doc 3Report of the ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary, 4-9 November 2013ITU-T Liaison Officer to JTC 1
Doc 2LS/r on JCA-Res178 requests your input (JCA-Res178-LS1)​ITU-T SG16

First meeting – 5 June 2013

Doc 1Report of 1st meeting of JCA-Res 178JCA-Res178 Co-convenors
LS 1JCA-Res178 requests your inputJCA-Res178