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Focus Group on IMT-2020

​​​​​​​​​​​​​FG IMT-2020

The Focus Group on network aspects of IMT-2020 was established in May 2015 to analyse how emerging 5G technologies will interact in future networks as a preliminary study into the networking innovations required to support the development of 5G systems. The group took an ecosystem view of 5G research of development and published the analysis in a Report to its parent group, ITU-T Study Group 13​.

In December 2015, the Focus Group received an extension to its lifetime. New Terms of Reference call for the group to engage open-source communities, influencing and taking advantage of their work by introducing them to the challenges that telecoms players must overcome in the development of the 5G ecosystem. Specific tasks and areas of work include:​

  1. Explore demonstrations or prototyping with other groups, notably the open-source community
  2. Enhance aspects of network softwarization and information-centric networking
  3. Continue to refine and develop the IMT-2020 network architecture
  4. Continue to study fixed-mobile convergence
  5. Continue to study network slicing for the fronthaul/backhaul network
  6. Continue to define new traffic models and associated aspects of QoS and operations, administration and management applicable to IMT-2020 networks

ITU-T standardization activity based on the findings of the Focus Group will prioritize the alignment of 5G deliverables with those of ITU-R, ensuring that standardization work on the network aspects of 5G is informed by the progression of its radio-transmission systems.

Participation and timeline

The Focus Group is open to participation by any interested party. The group follows an intensive work plan (see list of meetings on the right hand side of the webpage) to complete its study prior to the first Study Group 13 meeting in study period 2017-2020.​ Please subscribe to the mailing list for updates and announcements.

Management and Contacts

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