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ITU-T e-Meetings in ITU Headquarters

Adobe Connect is used for remote participation in sessions physically held in ITU Headquarters. For the sessions that require login access, please use your TIES account. These sessions are marked with red asterisk (*) on the table below.
For more details on how to participate remotely, please check the User Guide. Should you have any issues or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

September 2014

​DateTime (GMT+01:00)Meeting SessionVirtual Room
​19 September​09:30 - 12:30Q10/17 - IdM​​​ *Room K2​​​
​​19 September​14:30 - 15:45​Joint session of Q5, Q8, Q10 and Q11/17​​ *Room C1​​​​
22 September​09:30 - 10:45​​Q10/17 - IdM​​​ *Room K2​​​​
​22 September​11:15 - 12:30​Joint Qs10 & 11/17 on OID discovery​​​ *​​Room K2​​​​
22 September​​14:30 - 15:45​​Joint Qs 10 & 11/17 with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6/WG10​​​ *​​Room K2​​​
​22 September14:30 - 17:30​​​Q8/17 - Cloud computing security​​​ *​​Room A​​​​
​22 September​​16:15 - 17:45​Q10/17 - IdM​​​ *​​Room K2​​​
​22 September​16:15 - 17:45​JCA-COP​​​​ *Room C2​​​
​22 September​16:15 - 17:45​Q11/17 Joint with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6/WG10​​​ *Room M1​​​​
23 September​​09:30 - 17:45​Q10/17 - IdM​​​ *​​​Room K2​​​
​23 September​​14:30 - 17:45Q11/17 Joint with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6/WG10​​​ *​​Room G3​​​
​24 September​09:30 - 10:45Q10/17 - session on identity based attestation & open exchange protocol specification​​​ *​​​Room K2​​​
​​24 September​11:15 - 17:45​Q10/17 - IdM​​​ *​​​Room K2​​​
​​24 September16:15 - 19:30​Q12/17 - Formal Languages + Testing​​​​ *​​Room L1​​​