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Add to calendar  ITU-R TG5.1
Sep 19 2017 - Sep 28 2017 United Arab Emirates [Abu Dhabi]
Task Group 5/1 - WRC-19 agenda item 1.13
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG12
Sep 19 2017 - Sep 28 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
Performance, QoS and QoE
Add to calendar  ITU-D WORKSHOPS
May 2 2017 - Sep 23 2017 N/A
Add to calendar  ITU-D WORKSHOPS
Sep 22 2017 - Sep 22 2017 Mexico [Mexico City]
Add to calendar  ITU-SG CWGS
Sep 11 2017 - Sep 22 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
Cluster of Council Working Groups and Expert Group on ITRs
Add to calendar  ITU-D WORKSHOPS
Sep 20 2017 - Sep 22 2017 Morocco [Rabat]
Add to calendar  ITU-SG RCLINTPOL10
Sep 20 2017 - Sep 22 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
Council Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy Issues
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG15RGM
Sep 18 2017 - Sep 22 2017 Canada
SG15 rapporteur group meeting
Add to calendar  ITU-D FORUM
Sep 21 2017 - Sep 22 2017 Thailand [Bangkok]

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-T  ITU-T - Delegate RegistrationMontbrillant008:3012:00
SG  SG - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant008:3012:00
ITU-T  Q4/12 - Objective methods for speech and audio evaluation in vehiclesMontbrillantL209:0010:30
ITU-T  Joint session Qs7 and 13/12 P.GAME, G.QoE-Gaming, G.OMGMontbrillantK209:0010:30
ITU-T  Q16/12 - Framework for diagnostic functionsMontbrillantK109:0010:30
ITU-T  Q17/12 - Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologiesMontbrillantM209:0010:30
ITU-T  Joint session Qs 13 and 15/12 G.1070TowerA11:0012:30
ITU-T  Q12/12 - Operational aspects of telecommunication network service qualityMontbrillantK211:0012:30
ITU-T  Q7/12 - Methods, tools and test plans for the subjective assessment of speech, audio and audiovisual quality interactions MontbrillantL111:0012:30
SG  SG - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-T  ITU-T - Delegate RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-T  Q1/12 - SG12 work programme and quality of service/quality of experience (QoS/QoE) coordination in ITU-TMontbrillantH14:0015:30
ITU-T  Q2/12 - Definitions, guides and frameworks related to quality of service/quality of experience (QoS/QoE)MontbrillantH16:0017:30