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May 20 2015 - May 25 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
Time Signals and Frequency Standard Emissions
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May 20 2015 - May 25 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
Space Radiocommunication Applications
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May 20 2015 - May 25 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
Remote Sensing Systems
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May 20 2015 - May 25 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
Radio Astronomy
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May 25 2015 - May 29 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
WSIS Forum 2015
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May 1 2015 - May 29 2015 E-Meeting
SG9 rapporteur group meeting
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May 25 2015 - May 30 2015 Philippines [Manila]
ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminars
Add to calendar  ITU-T FOR.SSC
May 25 2015 - May 25 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
ITU Forum on Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC): from Vision to Reality

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-R  ITU-R - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant008:3012:00
SG  WSIS - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant008:3012:30
ITU-R  WG 7D - PlenaryMontbrillantM209:0010:15
SG  WSIS - Innovation for Development: How to Impact and Being ImpactedTowerPopov109:0010:45
SG  WSIS - Framing Dreams: New Opportunities and Challenges for Audiovisual Content Production and Distribution in the Broadband EraTowerA09:0010:45
SG  WSIS - Partnering for Success: creativity and professionalism in delivering trustworthy ICTTowerC 109:0010:45
SG  WSIS - Gender Dimensions of e-Waste Management TowerC 209:0010:45
SG  WSIS - Mobile Innovation supporting the Post-2015 AgendaMontbrillantL109:0010:45
SG  WSIS - Engaging digital actors - Fostering effective digital policy - Monitoring digital governanceMontbrillantL209:0010:45
SG  WSIS - Measuring the Information Society: Challenges and TrendsTowerT10309:0010:45
ITU-R  WG 7D - PlenaryMontbrillantM210:4512:00
SG  WSIS - Combating Cybercrime: Tools and Capacity Building for Emerging EconomiesTowerPopov111:0013:00
SG  WSIS - Interconnectivity towards better and faster social and economic development: Achievements and AspirationsTowerPopov211:0013:00
SG  WSIS - Cybersecurity and Privacy in a World of Data Driven InnovationTowerA11:0013:00
SG  WSIS - Information Security Education & Solidarity (ISES) Initiative: Facts, Figures, Models and ImplementationTowerC 111:0013:00
SG  WSIS - Internet of Things (IoT): The Way to Smart Sustainable CitiesTowerC 211:0013:00
SG  WSIS - Digital Inclusion of Women for Gender EqualityMontbrillantL111:0013:00
SG  WSIS - Enabling ICT for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities , Inclusive Development and Social TransformationMontbrillantL211:0013:00
SG  WSIS - NTIC et Médias, journalistes en Centrafrique - Centrafrique: Rôle et importance des NTIC dans le traitement de l'Information des journalistesTowerA13:1514:15
SG  WSIS - Global Internet Policy Observatory ( TowerC 213:1514:15
SG  WSIS - The role of information technology in highlighting the women's role in religious societies MontbrillantL113:1514:15
SG  WSIS - Digital systems and GIS security in the fight against crime and terrorismMontbrillantL213:1514:15
SG  WSIS - Connect 2020 Agenda for Global Telecommunication/ICT DevelopmentTowerC 113:1514:15
SG  WSIS - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-R  ITU-R - Delegates RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-R  WG 7D - PlenaryMontbrillantM214:0015:15
SG  WSIS - Get your Own Map First Mapping of Telecommunications Infrastructure... the Polish PerspectiveTowerPopov114:3016:15
SG  WSIS - Implementation of WSIS Outcomes in Saudi ArabiaTowerPopov214:3016:15
SG  WSIS - ISIDIS (Initiative for Social Innovation & Development)TowerA14:3016:15
SG  WSIS - Cyberlaw: An Asian PerspectiveTowerC 114:3016:15
SG  WSIS - Organizing an Internet Social ForumTowerC 214:3016:15
SG  WSIS - Governance of the Service Quality in Internet - Regulation and Customers RoleMontbrillantL114:3016:15
SG  WSIS - E-science and Research in the Information Society: Key Factors for Sustainable Development MontbrillantL214:3016:15
SG  WSIS - Smart Cities: Creative and Sustainable Green ICT and Future of Smart CitiesTowerT10314:3016:15
SG  WSIS - Iran Progress in Information SocietyTowerC 216:3018:15
SG  WSIS - C7.E-health: Social Media: Putting the "Public" back in Public HealthMontbrillantL216:3018:15
SG  WSIS - IGF 2015 Preparatory SessionTowerPopov116:3018:15
SG  WSIS - Online Safety Education Programs: lessons from the fieldTowerPopov216:3018:15
SG  WSIS - Building sustainable digital economy through entrepreneurship, gender equity, green economy and talent managementTowerA16:3018:15
SG  WSIS - The e-Government Web Accessibility Divide and the European Internet Inclusion Initiative (EIII)MontbrillantL116:3018:15
SG  WSIS - Reforms in education : Role of ICT and the vision of free transparent process of reformsTowerT10316:3018:15