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Projects Toolbox

To facilitate the development of projects, the ITU Guidelines, Templates and a Study Paper on Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Project Management are available for use.
As stipulated by the ITU Constitution, one of the functions of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector is to discharge the Union's dual responsibility as a United Nations specialized agency and as in executing agency for implementing projects under the United Nations development system or other funding arrangements, so as to facilitate and enhance projects related to information and communication technology  by offering, organizing and coordinating technical cooperation and assistance activities. In this framework, BDT has taken several steps to strengthen its project execution role by developing the necessary tools and methodology to facilitate project development and better project management.


Project Management Guidelines
BDT developed “ITU Project Management Guidelines’’ that facilitated move from the traditional activity-based project management approach towards the Results Based Management (RBM) approach.
Best Practices in Project Management
BDT collected information and reviewed the best practices in project management to help project managers who wish to improve their skills.


​Based on the conducted search and accumulated project implementation experience in BDT, the following templates are being used to facilitate implementation of RBM based project management methodology with standard  project documents ;

To facilitate the work of project managers Templates are available to them as:

And other documents as Risk Monitoring Form, and Change Request Form.

To carry out assessments of Projects the following documents are used: