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Global Partnerships

​​​​​hands.jpgThe recent establishment of global collaborations emphasize the role of ITU as global catalyst on international coo​peration in cybersecurity and BDT as the implementing arm.​​


Best practices  in cybercrime legislations,  joint technical assistance to member states, informatio​​n sharing.​ ​
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation : ITU is a partner of CTO and work with them, where relevant, to deliver particular outputs such as research, events or training activities in cybersecurity.​ ​ ​ ​ ​

ITU is collaborating with the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre of the University of Oxford on cybersecurity capacity building initiatives such as the Centre’s cybersecurity capacity maturity model where ITU’s experience with the Global Cybersecurity Index has been injected and more recently on the National CIRT programme. 

Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative : ITU is a member of the Steering Group which provides specialised expertise and strategic advice to the Executive Management Group of the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative.

Within GCA, ITU and the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) are pioneering the deployment of solutions and services to address ​cyberthreats on a global scale. 

Collaboration with FIRST – To share best practices on computer incident response, engage in joint events, facilitate affiliation of national CIRTS of member states.​ ​ 
​The mission of the ISOC is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.


Collaboration with ABI Research – The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI)

Tap on expertise of globally recognized industry players and accelerate information sharing with ITU member states.​
​Nuix is contributing in ITU-D Study Group 2 Question 3 “Securing information and communication networks: Best practices for developing a culture of cybersecurity”. Nuix is also collaborating with ITU on Cyberdrills. 
High-Tech Bridge is providing on-demand web application security assessment solutions.​​​