Women and Girls

Our mission is to empower women and girls by 2030 by promoting equal opportunities in digital society.

Bridging the gender divide

We work collaboratively with our partners and members to build programmes that have a measurable, lasting impact on the gender digital divide to ensure that everyone is connected, regardless of gender.

WATCH Now – Motion graphic explaining some essentials of bridging the gender divide

The digital divide

600 million women & girls online

Bringing an additional 600 million women and girls online could boost global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by as much as USD 18 billion.

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87 per cent of people using the Internet in 2019

Substantial digital divides persist between countries. Indeed, nearly 87 per cent of people were using the Internet in developed countries in 2019, compared with 47 percent in developing countries.

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Areas of work


Equipping girls around the world with essential digital skills

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Promoting equal representation in technology professions and leadership

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