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Мероприятия в рамках Международного дня "Девушки в ИКТ" 2015 года

​PERSPEKTYWY Education Foundation

Poland, 2015, April 23


Three thousand girls, 18 universities, a million dreams

For the last 7 years Perspektywy Education Foundation has been successfully organizing large scaled nationwide campaigns “Girls as Engineers!” and “Girls go science!” in Poland.  Thanks to the contribution of the “Girls as Engineers” campaign the share of women in the general number of students at technical universities went up from 29% to 37% since 2008 (“Report: Women at technical universities 2014”).

Girls who took part in the first edition of our campaign already have an engineering degree, master's degree, part of them is at the doctoral studies. The students who came this year - and there were more than three thousand girls  - will join in a couple of years to growing generation “Girls as Engineers!”

National Day of Open Just For Girls - April 23, 2015

Martian rover show, fighting robots, production of eco-cosmetics, 3D design, quizzes, urban games contest, laser shooting ... universities prepared this year exceptionally attractive program of the Open Day Just For Girls.

Technical universities and STEM departments from the whole Poland invited secondary schools leavers and younger girls to a specially prepared for them National Open Day Only For Girls for the eighth time, for the sixth time the departments of STEM universities. Purpose? Convince the girls that studies in the fields of technology and science are an excellent idea for their future.

15 technical colleges and three STEM departments of universities prepared a special program for girls. There were educational games, workshops, meetings with female students and graduates, and for the first time in the history of the stock - Great Battle of the Selfie - a contest where girl could  win valuable prizes.

Universities and STEM departments involved in the action, tried to show the participants to the Open Day at their best. Programs are from year to year more and more creative, combine the scholarly seriousness and clever fun. Also this time didn't run out of interest - universities organized workshops, games, lectures and other activities - there was a lot to do that day!

During the Open Day the girls learned to encode, design, tap dance, and even cook .... molecular dishes. There was also a fashion show prepared by students towards design at the Technical University of Lodz, workshops of making  cosmetics with natural ingredients at the Technical University of Gdansk, show of fighting robots, drones and Martian rover, field games, experiments. There were also successful, already cult Helmet Run. For participants it was probably the most important, however, that met with female students in technical and science, female lecturers, as well as women who have achieved spectacular success in technical professions or made career in science

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