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ITU year in review | Ready for tomorrow

The world experienced growing humanitarian crises and conflicts in 2023, combined with economic uncertainties that have deepened divides and inequalities. Digital transformation offered a ray of hope. 

Over the course of a difficult year, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has kept stepping up landmark initiatives in pursuit of universal connectivity and sustainable digital transformation. As we take on more ambitious priorities, we also take pride in ITU’s rejuvenation. 

A word from the Secretary-General

Our 2024-2027 strategic plan sets out two overarching goals: 

  • Universal connectivity – bringing the last 2.6 billion people online and bridging socio-economic divides through meaningful, affordable digital access. 
  • Sustainable digital transformation – aligning innovative tech with sustainable development and global climate action, while fostering equitable, inclusive digital development for all. 

In my first year as Secretary-General, we hit the ground running, putting us on track to create a fit-for-future organization, as well as ramping up partnerships and pledges to create a better digital future. 

Looking back over 2023, ITU has taken robust steps aimed at: 

  • Driving digital impact – emerging as an authoritative voice of digital transformation, offering vital perspectives on universal and meaningful connectivity, along with insights on digital solutions for some of the most pressing challenges of our time. 
  • Connecting people and ideas – boosting the visibility of digital, spurred action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and laid key groundwork for the proposed Global Digital Compact. 
  • Organizational excellence – putting digital transformation into practice and becoming an exemplary UN agency committed to efficiency, innovation, inclusiveness, and engagement. 

In this drive for renewal, I am grateful for the support of an outstanding leadership team. More than ever, ITU radiocommunication, standardization and development activities are helping connect the world inclusively and sustainably. 

I invite you to explore what we’ve achieved in 2023.  

Let’s recommit to using digital technologies for the good of all humanity.  


Doreen Bogdan-Martin
Secretary-General, ITU

In 2024, the Summit of the Future offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address critical challenges, while ITU’s World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-24) will highlight technical collaboration to make digital technologies safer, more accessible, more affordable, and more sustainable. 

Delivering the digital decade

“I strongly believe we can’t separate people from technology. I caught the technology bug early with the Apollo space program. And now humanity is returning to the Moon. The only limit is our imagination. When we set our minds on something – and bring the latest technology to the table – not even the sky is the limit.”   

Photographs ©ITU/D. Woldu