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Subject/title: Mechanisms to support interoperability across different IDM services
Summary: Identity Management is becoming an essential basis for transaction, communication and governance; it has been an infrastructural brick in generalized convergence of telecommunication (specialized convergence of fixed and mobile network), information and Internet services as well. A lot of standard organizations have been working on offering a holistic approach on identity management of security, confidentiality and interoperability. There are quite a few identity management (IdM) solutions, but most of them exist isolated and the interoperation among them is laborious. The existing interoperability mechanisms are often peer-to-peer based, for example, GBA to Liberty Alliance, GBA to OpenID and so on. In this way, one identity management (IdM) system should implement several mechanisms in order to communicate with other identity management (IdM) systems. It is always time-consuming and discouraging for unifying heterogeneous and distributed identity management (IdM) systems. Generic identity management (IdM) interoperability mechanisms aim to simplify the complicated process of interaction among different identity management (IdM) systems. It should fill the gaps in the connection with currently deployed operator networks or services platforms within a trusted domain. Out of trust domain, this generic interoperability mechanism should fulfil interconnection with other identity management (IdM) technology, mostly in the world of IT based services. This Recommendation describes the level of federation trust, trust framework for interoperability and introduces four typical identity management (IdM) interoperability scenarios in Appendix I.
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