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Work item: L.Suppl.28 (ex Suppl._Circular)
Status: Agreed on 2016-10-14 
Approval process: Agreement
Type of work item: Supplement
Version: New
Provisional name: Suppl._Circular
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: ITU-D Study Group 2
Subject/title: Circular Economy in Information and Communication Technology; definition of approaches, concepts and metrics
Summary: In order to facilitate a shift to a more sustainable economy, Circular Economy (CE) has been proposed as one of the main ways forward. In this context, CE combined with Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICT) could enable decoupling of economic growth and environmental impact [i.1]. Due to the seemingly scattered understanding of the topic of CE, and its main aspect Resource Efficiency (RE), it will be necessary to summarize, and then standardize, the manner in which CE and RE is quantified. This report investigates current approaches, concepts and metrics of CE and RE and their applicability for the ICT infrastructure goods. This Supplement 1) introduces CE and RE, 2) describes CE as used in the ICT industry, 3) describes existing CE and RE metrics and examples of their use. 4) proposes next steps in CE and RE standardisation. The scope of the present document includes the following aspects: upgradability, repairability, removability, durability, reusability, recyclability, recoverability, refurbishability, remanufactureability. The following additional parameters, indicators and metrics are included: recycled content, use of critical raw materials, proportion of re-used parts. The present report has been prepared in cooperation between ETSI TC EE and ITU-T Q13/5 (WP3/5), and provides a guide to CE aspects, parameters, metrics, indicators for ICT infrastructure goods.
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