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Work group: SG16 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Multimedia coding, systems and applications
Description: ITU-T Study Group 16 is responsible for studies relating to ubiquitous applications, multimedia capabilities for services and applications for existing and future networks. This encompasses accessibility; multimedia architectures and applications; human interfaces and services; terminals; protocols; signal processing; media coding and systems (e.g. network signal processing equipment, multipoint conference units, gateways and gatekeepers).
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Chairman: MrNoahLuo
Vice-chairman: MrCharles ZoéBanga
Vice-chairman: MrMohannadEl-Megharbel
Vice-chairman: MrHeberMartinez
Vice-chairman: MrMarceloMoreno
Vice-chairman: MsSarraRebhi
Vice-chairman: MrHidekiYamamoto
Counsellor: MrSimãode Campos Neto
Administrative assistant: MsRosaAngeles-Leon De Vivero