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Work group: SG12 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Performance, quality of service and quality of experience
Description: ITU-T Study Group 12 is responsible for Recommendations on performance, quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for the full spectrum of terminals, networks, services and applications ranging from speech over fixed circuit-based networks to multimedia applications over networks that are mobile and packet based. Included in this scope are the operational aspects of performance, QoS and QoE; the end-to-end quality aspects of interoperability; and the development of multimedia quality assessment methodologies, both subjective and objective.
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Chairman: MrKwameBaah-Acheamfuor
Vice-chairman: MrZeidAlkadi
Vice-chairman: MrSergio DanielD'Uva
Vice-chairman: MrSeyni MalanFaty
Vice-chairman: MsRachelHuang
Vice-chairman: MrSeong-HoJeong
Vice-chairman: MrHassan Mukhtar HassanMohamed
Vice-chairman: MrAlMorton
Vice-chairman: MrEdoyemiOgoh
Vice-chairman: MrMehmetÖzdem
Vice-chairman: MrTiago SousaPrado
Vice-chairman: MrAymenSalah
Vice-chairman: MsYvonneUmutoni
Advisor: MrMartinAdolph
Administrative assistant: MsEmmanuelleLabare