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Work group: SG2 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Operational aspects of service provision and telecommunication management
Description: ITU-T Study Group 2 is responsible for studies relating to: - numbering, naming, addressing and identification requirements and resource assignment, including criteria and procedures for reservation, assignment and reclamation; - routing and interworking requirements; - principles of service provision, definition and operational requirements; - operational and management aspects of networks, including network traffic management, designations and transport-related operations procedures; - operational aspects of interworking between traditional telecommunication networks and evolving networks; - evaluation of feedback from operators, manufacturing companies and users on different aspects of network operation; - management of telecommunication services, networks and equipment via management systems, including support for next-generation networks (NGN), cloud computing, future networks (FN), software-defined networking (SDN), IMT-2020, and the application and evolution of the telecommunication management network (TMN) framework; - ensuring the consistency of the format and structure of IdM identifiers; - specifying interfaces to management systems to support the communication of identity information within or between organizational domains; and - the operational impact of the Internet, convergence (services or infrastructure) and new services, such as OTT, on international telecommunication services and networks.
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Chairman: MrPhilipRushton
Vice-chairman: MrHossamAbd El Maoula Saker
Vice-chairman: MrAbdullahAl-Mubadal
Vice-chairman: MrSaifBin Ghelaita
Vice-chairman: MrEdgardo GuillermoClemente
Vice-chairman: MrPhilippeFouquart
Vice-chairman: MrAhmed Tajelsir AtyaMohammed
Vice-chairman: MsYan ChuanWang
Vice-chairman: MrRamazanYilmaz
Advisor: MsJieZhang
Administrative assistant: MsJoumanaBilani