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Work group: SG20 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: IoT and its applications including smart cities and communities
Description: Study Group 20 is responsible for studies relating to Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications, with an initial focus on Smart Cities and Communities (SC&C). ITU-T SG 20 will work on the following items: - Framework and roadmaps for the harmonized and coordinated development of Internet of things (IoT), including M2M communications, ubiquitous sensor networks and smart sustainable cities and communities, in ITU T and in close cooperation with ITU-D and ITU R SGs and other regional and international standards-development organizations (SDO) and industry forums; - Requirements and capabilities of IoT and its applications including SC&C; - Definitions and terminology for IoT; - IoT infrastructure\services available in smart sustainable cities\architecture framework and requirements of IoT for SC&C; - Efficient service analysis and infrastructure of IoT use in smart sustainable cities and communities to assess how the use of IoT has an impact on the smartness of cities; - Guidelines, methodologies and best practices related to standards to help cities (including rural areas and villages) deliver services using the IoT, with an initial view to address city challenges; - IoT end-to-end architectures; - Data sets that will enable data interoperability for various verticals, including smart cities, e-agriculture, etc.; - High-layer protocols and middleware for IoT systems and applications including SC&C; - Middleware for interoperability between IoT applications for different IoT verticals; - Quality of service (QoS) and end-to-end performance for IoT and its applications including SC&C; - Security of IoT systems, services and applications; - Database maintenance of existing and planned IoT standards.
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Chairman: MrNasser SalehAl Marzouqi
Vice-chairman: MrFabioBigi
Vice-chairman: MsBlancaGonzález
Vice-chairman: MrTakafumiHashitani
Vice-chairman: MrHyoung JunKim
Vice-chairman: MrAbdurahmanM. Al Hassan
Vice-chairman: MrZiqinSang
Vice-chairman: MrSergioTrabuchi
Vice-chairman: MrSergeyZhdanov
Advisor: MsCristinaBueti
Administrative assistant: MsEmmaNorton Viard