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Work group: SG16 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Multimedia coding, systems and applications
Description: Responsible for studies relating to ubiquitous applications, multimedia capabilities for services and applications for existing and future networks, including NGN and beyond. This encompasses accessibility, multimedia architectures, terminals, protocols, signal processing, media coding and systems (e.g. network signal processing equipment, multipoint conference units, gateways and gatekeepers).
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Chairman: MrYushiNaito
Vice-chairman: MrGabyDaniel
Vice-chairman: MrMohannadEl-Megharbel
Vice-chairman: MrKhusanIsaev
Vice-chairman: MrSeong-HoJeong
Vice-chairman: MrPaul E.Jones
Vice-chairman: MrHaraldKullmann
Vice-chairman: MrNoahLuo
Vice-chairman: MrNtsibaneNtlatlapa
Counsellor: MrSimãode Campos Neto
Administrative assistant: MsRosaAngeles-Leon De Vivero