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Work group: SG11 (Presentation Web page is available here)
Title: Signalling requirements, protocols and test specifications
Description: Responsible for studies relating to signalling requirements and protocols, including those for IP-based network technologies, NGN, M2M, IoT, FNs, Cloud Computing, mobility, some multimedia related signalling aspects, ad hoc networks (sensor networks, RFID, etc.), QoS, and internetwork signalling for legacy networks ATM, N ISDN and PSTN networks. In addition, studies relating to reference signalling architectures and test specifications for NGN and emerging network technologies (e.g., IoT etc.).
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Chairman: MrWeiFeng
Vice-chairman: MrIsaacBoateng
Vice-chairman: MrMartinBrand
Vice-chairman: MrShin-GakKang
Vice-chairman: MrKaoruKenyoshi
Vice-chairman: MrDmitriTarasov
Vice-chairman: MrHoracioVillalobos Tlatempa
Advisor: MrStefanoPolidori
Administrative assistant: MsEmmaNorton Viard