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ITU-T Q.824.5 (10/1997)

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Stage 2 and stage 3 description for the Q3 interface – Customer administration: Configuration management of V5 interface environments and associated customer profiles
The purpose of this Recommendation is to define the Q3 interface between an Access Network (AN) and a Local Exchange (LE) and the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) for the support of configuration management functions for V5 interfaces, as described in Recommendations G.964 and G.965, and their associated user ports. The management of transmission, media, and services which are not related to V5 interfaces is outside the scope of this Recommendation.Generic modelling of leased line ports which are associated with a V5 interface is within the scope of this Recommendation, but the traffic from these ports can only be associated with 64 kbit/s bearer channels on the V5 interface.This Recommendation does not constrain the logical or physical size of the AN or its geographical dispersion. The definition of the managed object class which represents an AN is outside the scope of this Recommendation.
Series title: Q series: Switching and signalling, and associated measurements and tests
  Q.800-Q.849: Q3 interface
Approval date: 1997-10-24
Provisional name:Q.82CM
Approval process:TAP
Status: In force
Maintenance responsibility: ITU-T Study Group 2
Further details: Patent statement(s)
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1.1 Q.824.5 (1997) Cor. 1 (02/2000) In force
1 Q.824.5 (10/1997) In force