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ITU-T Q.733.5 (12/1999)

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Stage 3 description for call completion supplementary services using Signalling System No. 7 : Completion of calls on no reply
The Completion of Calls on No Reply supplementary service (CCNR) enables a calling user A, upon encountering a destination B which does not answer the call (No Reply), to be notified when the destination B becomes not busy after having initiated an activity. If user A desires, then the network will reinitiate the call to the specified destination B.
Series title: Q series: Switching and signalling, and associated measurements and tests
  Q.700-Q.799: Specifications of Signalling System No. 7
  Q.730-Q.739: ISDN supplementary services
Approval date: 1999-12-03
Approval process:TAP
Status: In force
Maintenance responsibility: ITU-T Study Group 11
Further details: Patent statement(s)
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1 Q.733.5 (12/1999) In force