International bandwidth continues to grow strongly

International bandwidth usage in 2021 reached a worldwide total of 932 Tbit/s, up from 719 Tbit/s in 2020. This is a 30 per cent increase, and it follows a similar increase to that of the previous year.

The highest regional total for international bandwidth use is in the Asia-Pacific region at over 400 Tbit/s, twice as high as in Europe (204 Tbit/s) or the Americas (180 Tbit/s).

On a per-user basis, it is Europe that leads, at 340 kbit/s per Internet user, followed by the Americas at 214 kbit/s and the Arab States at 174 kbit/s (the first time the per-user figure in the Arab States is higher than in the Asia-Pacific region).

International bandwidth usage in the LDCs translates to just 34 kbit/s per Internet user, a sharp contrast to developing and developed countries (144 kbit/s and 296 kbit/s, respectively).