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ITU Women in Standardization Expert Group (WISE)

​​​​​​ GEM WISE Logo​By ITU-T Resolution 55 (Dubai, 2012), the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) resolved that ITU-T should continue to encourage the inclusion of a gender perspective in the work of all ITU-T activities and groups, including staffing.

The Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) has undertaken various actions to this effect, including the creation of the ITU Women in Standardization Expert Group (WISE) to further move the gender agenda forward.

Through WISE, the Director of TSB has made a commitment to:
  1. Ensure the integration of a gender perspective in the work of ITU-T
  2. Encourage TSB staff to attend gender related training and workshops
  3. Invite Member States and Sector Members to contribute to meeting gender-equality objectives through the equal participation of qualified wo​​​men and men in standardization activities and nominating qualified women to ITU-T leadership positions  

" Equality in tech is possible! " - Malcolm Johnson, ITU Deputy Secretary-General

Terms of Reference

WISE is dedicated to making the world of standardization and telecommunication/ICTs development attractive to women.


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