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Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC) – Version 1.1

Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC) – Version 1.1
Year: Edition 2006
Persistent link: http://handle.itu.int/11.1002/pub/80217951-en
The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released the first version of a harmonized, efficient, automated technical administrative tool for spectrum management in developing countries under the brand name SMS4DC (Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries). SMS4DC is a practical, user-friendly tool that is a great advance on the previous ITU spectrum planning product WinBASMS, offering more advanced and powerful administrative, engineering and geographic map functions. This first version of SMS4DC covers terrestrial fixed, mobile, sound and television broadcasting services in the bands above 30 MHz, as well as satellite Earth stations in space service.
SMS4DC, available in English only, consists of a software package on CD-ROM containing the software, a user manual and a digital terrain map of the world.

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