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Patent statement declaration registered as H264_Amd1-01

Recommendation number: H.264 Amd1
ITU registration date: 2004-06-21
Statement declaration date: 2004-06-16
Patent holder/organization: Tandberg Telecom As
Main contact: Mr. Tom-Ivar Johansen, R&D Department
Address: Philip Pedersens v.22
1366 Lysaker
Tel.: +47 67 125 125
Fax: +47 67 125 234
Declaration form version: 15 June 2002 (Common Text)
Licensing declaration: Option 2_ The Patent Holder will grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non­discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions to use the patented material necessary in order to manufacture, use, and/or sell implementations of the above ITU-T Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard. The patent Holder's willingness to license is conditioned on reciprocity for the above ITU-T Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard. Negotiations of licenses are left to the parties concerned and are performed out side the ITU-T | ISO/IEC.
Late submission remark: -
Statement remark: -
Archived declaration:
TSB patent IdCountryPublication numberApplication numberTitleStatusEPO search (Espacenet)
 20032319Method and appratus for video compressionPending
 PCT/NO2004/000121Method and appratus for video compressionPending
 10/844054Method and appratus for video compressionPending
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