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Patent statement declaration registered as H264-92

Recommendation number: H.264 (V4) (ex H.264-MVC)
ITU registration date: 2008-10-08
Statement declaration date: 2008-10-08
Patent holder/organization: Nokia Corporation
Main contact: Kalle Moilanen
Address: P.O. Box 86
FIN-24101 Salo (Joensuunkatu 7,24100 Salo Finland)
Tel.: +358 50 366 2022
Fax: +358 7180 44275
Declaration form version: 1 March 2007 (Individual, Common Text, General)
Licensing declaration: Option 2_ The Patent Holder is prepared to grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non-discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions to make, use and sell implementations of the above document. Negotiations are left to the parties concerned and are performed outside the ITU-T, ITU-R, ISO or IEC. The Patent Holder’s willingness to license is conditioned on reciprocity for the above document.
Late submission remark: -
Statement remark: TSB note (2008-12-04): H264_(exH_264-MVC)-01-03 ~ 05 have been added as they had been misfiled in the patent database.
Patent numberApplication numberCountryForeign CounterpartsTitleStatusTSB remarkTSB patent Id
 06710444.8EPHK 08105954.5(appli. no.), US 11/066784(appli. no.), WO PCT/IB2006/000384(appli. no.), System and method for achieving inter-layer video quality scalabilityPending H264-92-01
 06710582.5EPAU 2006233279(appli. no.), BR PI0610398.7(appli. no.), CN 200680018046.X(appli. no.), ID WO0200703683(appli. no.), IN 7807/DELNP/2007(appli. no.), JP 2008-505972(appli. no.), KR 2007-7026284(appli. no.), MX MX/a/2007/012604(appli. no.), MY PI 20061439(appli. no.), PH 1-2007-502260(appli. no.), RU 2007137805(appli. no.), SG 200716836.2(appli. no.), TW 95110971(appli. no.), US 11/391723(appli. no.), VN 1-2007-02398(appli. no.), WO PCT/IB2006/000648(appli. no.),Method, device and system for effectively coding and decoding of video dataPending H264-92-02
 11/736454USWO PCT/IB2007/053490 (appl. no.),System and method for providing picture output indications in video codingPending H264-92-03
 11/874123USTW 96139239 (appl. no.), WO PCT/IB2007/054228Virtual decoded refernce pciture marking and reference picture listPending H264-92-04
 12/047225USAR P080101034 (appl. no.), PK (appl. no.), TH (appl. no.), TW 97108836 (appl. no.), WO PCT/IB2008/050905 (appl. no.)System and method for video encoding and decodingPending H264-92-05
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