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Patent statement declaration registered as H264-90

Recommendation number: H.264
ITU registration date: 2003-02-04
Statement declaration date: 2003-01-31
Patent holder/organization: Thomson
Main contact: Licensing & Intellectual Property
Address: 46 quai A. le Gallo,
92100 Boulogne
Tel.: +33 1 41 86 50 00
Fax: +33 1 41 86 56 37
Declaration form version: 15 June 2002 (Common Text)
Licensing declaration: Option 2_ The Patent Holder will grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non­discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions to use the patented material necessary in order to manufacture, use, and/or sell implementations of the above ITU-T Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard. The patent Holder's willingness to license is conditioned on reciprocity for the above ITU-T Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard. Negotiations of licenses are left to the parties concerned and are performed out side the ITU-T | ISO/IEC.
Late submission remark: -
Statement remark: See also J262-19. Thomson submitted this statement with the following letter: In compliance with ITU-T and ISO/IEC respective Patent Policy, we hereby submit the duly completed Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration (hereinafter referred to as "Statement") for the Joint Video Coding Experts Group of ITU-T and ISO/IEC (hereinafter referred to as "JVT"). THOMSON had sent a Statement on November 4, 2002, but THOMSON is now desirous of amending the same. Accordingly, please disregard the November 4th Statement and replaced the same with the enclosed Statement. Following the November 4th Statement, THOMSON is prepared to make its essential patent(s) available for JVT Main Profile and JVT Profile X on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions, the negotiation of which is to be left to the parties. However, THOMSON is now willing to make its essential patent listed in the enclosed Statement available for the JVT Baseline Profile without payment of royalties from the applicants, on the condition that all other patent holders agree to do the same. Further to that purpose, and in order to make that representation part of the record, THOMSON added a provision at the end of Paragraph 2 of the Statement. THOMSON duly acknowledgtes ITU-T Patent Policy, which generally prohibits additional provisions, conditions, or any other exclusion clauses in excess of what is provided for each case in the corresponding boxes of the Statement. Nevertheless, the Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration form consists of generic language that does not take into account the specificity of the JVT Advanced Video Coding project and, for that reason, THOMSON believes that the aforementioned addition to Statement Paragraph 2 follows the spirit of the ITU-T rules to promote the worldwide adoption of the JVT standard.
Archived declaration:
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5905535 Differential coding of motion vectors using the median of cndidate vectorsGranted
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