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Patent statement declaration registered as H264-46

Recommendation number: H.264
ITU registration date: 2003-03-12
Statement declaration date: 2003-03-03
Patent holder/organization: International Business Machines Corporation
Main contact: Mr. Gerald T. Lane
Address: North Castle Drive
Armonk, NY 10504
United States
Tel.: +1 914 765 4369
Fax: +1 914 765 4420
Declaration form version: 15 June 2002 (Common Text)
Licensing declaration: Option 2_ The Patent Holder will grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non­discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions to use the patented material necessary in order to manufacture, use, and/or sell implementations of the above ITU-T Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard. The patent Holder's willingness to license is conditioned on reciprocity for the above ITU-T Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard. Negotiations of licenses are left to the parties concerned and are performed out side the ITU-T | ISO/IEC.
Late submission remark: -
Statement remark: -
Patent numberApplication numberCountryForeign CounterpartsTitleStatusTSB remarkTSB patent Id
5099440 US Probability adaptataion for arithmetic codersGranted H264-46-01
4725885 US Adaptive graylevel image copression systemGranted H264-46-02
4633490 US Symmetrical optimized adaptive data compression/transfer/decompression systemGranted H264-46-03
5001559 US Transform coding using using coefficient predictionGranted H264-46-04
4749983 US Compression of multilevel signalsGranted H264-46-05
4933883 US Probability adaptation for arithmetic codersGranted H264-46-06
4905297 US Arithmetc coding encoder and decoder systemGranted H264-46-07
4935882 US Probability adaptation for arithmetic codersGranted H264-46-08
4652856 US Multiplication-free multialphabet arithmetic codeGranted H264-46-09
4891643 US Arithmetic coding data compression/de-compression by selectively emplyed diverse arithmetic coding encoders and decodersGranted H264-46-10
4467317 US High-speed arithmetic compression coding using concurrent value updatingGranted H264-46-11
4463342 US Method and means for carryover control in the high order to low order pairwise combining of digits of a decodable set of relatively shifted finite number stringsGranted H264-46-12
5859604 US Merged VLSI implementation of hardware optimized Q-Coder and software optimized QM-CoderGranted H264-46-13
6091854 US Merged VLSI implementation of hardware optimized Q-Coder and software optimized QM-CoderGranted H264-46-14
5384598 US System and method for frame differencing video compression and decompression with frame rate scalabilityGranted H264-46-15
5157488 US Adaptive quantization within the JPEG sequential modeGranted H264-46-16
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