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Patent statement declaration registered as H263-01

Recommendation number: H.263
ITU registration date: 1997-08-08
Statement declaration date: 1997-08-07
Patent holder/organization: Telenor AS
Main contact: Telenor Research and Development
Address: P.O. Box 83
2007 Kjeller
Tel.: +47 6384 8400
Fax: +47 6381 0076
Declaration form version: Declared without the use of the form.
Licensing declaration: Pat. pol. 2.2
Late submission remark: -
Statement remark: -
Archived declaration:
TSB patent IdCountryPublication numberApplication numberTitleStatusEPO search (Espacenet)
175080 Fremgangsmåte for koding av bildedataGranted
5579413 Fremgangsmåte for koding av bildedataGranted
300610 Fremgangmåte for kompresjonskoding av digitale bildevideosignaler, med sammenkoding av blokker fra flere bilderGranted
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