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Question 25/2
Access technology for broadband telecommunications including IMT, for developing countries
Question 25/2
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Expected output
The expected output of Question 25/2 for the study period 2010-2014 will include: a) Yearly progress reports on the [following] study items including a matrix of different broadband access technologies, both wired and wireless, terrestrial and satellite, with yearly updates; [Wired and wireless broadband access technologies and their future trends; Methodologies for migration planning and implementation of broadband wired and wireless technologies, taking into account existing networks, as appropriate; Trends of broadband access technologies; deployments, services offered and regulatory considerations; Ways and means of implementing IMT, using terrestrial links and satellites;  ey elements to be studied in order to facilitate the possible deployment of systems integrating satellite and the terrestrial component of IMT (see Recommendation 206 (WRC 07); Information on the specific impact of the implementation of broadband wired and wireless means, including IMT, on underserved populations, including persons with disabilities; Information on IMT-Advanced systems based on the advice of Working Party 5D of ITU-R Study Group 5.] b) Analysis of the factors influencing the effective deployment of broadband access core technologies; c) A set of guidelines for broadband access deployment that could be delivered inter alia through training seminars in accordance with the BDT Programme 4; d) A handbook on IMT deployment in developing countries to replace the Handbook on Deployment of IMT-2000 systems (2003). This handbook will be the result of study group collaboration between ITU-R Study Groups 4 and 5, ITU-T Study Group 13 and the Rapporteur's Group dealing with this Question as part of ITU-D Study Group 2; e) Draft Recommendation(s), as appropriate and if justified.  
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