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Messages from on high

Over 500 satellites orbit the Earth delivering broadcasting; voice, internet and emergency communications; environmental and scientific monitoring; and global navigation and positioning systems for planes, ships and vehicles.

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Emergency Communications

Before, during and after a natural disaster or emergency, swift and reliable communications are essential. Modern technology provides vital links on which humanitarian teams rely.

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The Broadband Future

Broadband is today’s transformational technology, taking us in exciting new directions

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3D Television

Over 26 billion TV viewers tuned in to watch the FIFA World Cup matches in 2006. This year, for the first time, millions of viewers around the world will have the chance to experience the excitement of the games in 3D. But how does the technology work – and what challenges remain when it comes to ensuring 3D TV transmission systems and TV sets are globally compatible and interoperable?

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The Fully Networked Car

The vehicles on our roads will soon be as connected as our homes. Technologies in development link our cars with existing communications infrastructure, enabling cars to talk to road systems and one another.

Geneva-based ITU, ISO and IEC host the annual Fully Networked Car@ Geneva Motor Show, bringing the developers of these technologies together with car manufacturers to discuss how best to bring them to marked.

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