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2nd ITU Interop Event on IPTV, Singapore, 23-24 and 27 September 2010

The 2nd ITU IPTV Interop event will take place in Fusionopolis in Singapore on 23-24 and 27 September 2010 in collaboration with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R). Set-up will start on 22 September 2010.


23-24 September – Conformity and Interoperability testing:
  • Testing includes ITU-T standards H.701 (error-recovery), H.721 (IPTV terminal), H.740 (audience measurement), H.750 (metadata), H.761 (Ginga-NCL), H.762 (LIME: interactive multimedia) and H.770 (service discovery).
  • The event will produce a generic report recording general (not company specific) outcomes to feed into the standards development process.
  • Access to the venue will be restricted and equipment will be guarded in a secure manner.
  • Participation in the testing and/or showcasing costs CHF 3'000 per organization. A special 20% discount is offered to organizations who participated in the 1st ITU Interop Event on IPTV in Geneva in July 2010, i.e. they pay CHF 2'400. There is no limit on number of participants per organization.
27 September - Showcasing:
  • Participating organizations: Organizations registered as participants in the testing event above will showcase to the market the interoperability of their IPTV products. ITU will prepare a schedule of private one-on-one showcasing demo appointments to target potential customers. There will also be a group/public showcasing session. Participating organizations are encouraged to ensure that their marketing colleagues are in close contact with ITU on this element of the event.
  • Showcasing visitors: Regulators, broadcasters, telecoms companies, system integrators, test laboratories, artists, universities, general public and others are invited to visit the showcasing event. Showcasing visits are free both to ITU members and non-members. To secure your visit, contact us now at interop[at]itu.int.
General Information
2nd ITU IPTV Interop Event
23-24 and 27 September 2010
(TSB Circular 136)

1 Fusionopolis Way, Connexis North Tower, Level 13, Singapore 138632

Any problems?
Contact us at interop[at]itu.int.
Past Event Highlights
1st ITU IPTV Interop Event
20-23 July 2010

Event Highlights
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