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Issuer Identifier Number

Issuer Identifier Number Registration Form

Issuer Identifier Number for the international telecommunication charge card issued by the telecommunication Administrations (According to ITU-T Recommendation E.118 (02/01))

Note by the TSB

For your information, the list will be updated by numbered series of amendments published in the ITU Operational Bulletin. Furthermore, the information contained in the list is also available on the ITU home page ( and can be consulted by subscribers by remote access.

An Issuer Identifier Number (IIN) is used to identify a telecommunication company in a country which is working in an international environment. According to the new version of ISO Standard 7812-2 of 1999, the criteria for approval and rejection of applications are:

"4.3.1 Criteria for approval of an application for a single IIN

Applications for a single IIN shall meet all the criteria for approval below and shall not comply with any of the criteria for rejection in 4.3.2: 4.3.2 Criteria for rejection of an application for a single IIN

An applicant for a single IIN shall be rejected by the Sponsoring Authority when any one of the following conditions exist: Furthermore under point 4.2 d), of ITU-T Recommendation E.118, the ITU shall collect a one-time fee for the assignment and registration of each new issuer identifier Number. This fee is currently 80 Swiss francs. Applicant applying for a single IIN is requested to fill-in the registration form and submit it to the approval-organisation in his country before it is sent to ITU for registration, accompanied with evidence of payment to the ITU of the one-time registration fee.

In order to keep the list up-to-date the companies listed are requested to send all modifications concerning their company and contact address to ITU, TSB/TSON, Fax No. +41 22 730 5853