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ITU-T Climate Change Reports


Resilient pathways: the adaptation of the ICT sector to climate changeDownload
​The main objective of this report is to explore the impacts of climate change on the ICT sector and the potential for adaptation, while emphasizing the need for resilient pathways of action, enabling environments and new standards to foster the sector’s approach to adaptation.​April
Partnering for solutions: ICTs in Smart Water Management Partnering_for_Solutions.jpg ​Though economic growth, climate change and rising populations highly influence the availability of global water resources, strategic incorporation of ICTs in SWM can mitigate some of these challenges. Such achievements, however, are unattainable without proper stakeholder involvement and buy-in. The principal intention of this report is to go further and emphasize how ICTs can overcome some of the challenges faced in the water sector when there is proper stakeholder involvement. ​March 2014
The case of Korea: the quantification of GHG reduction effects achieved by ICTs​​Download report
​The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the potential GHG reductions by ICT services, estimate the reduced volume of GHG, and identify major ICT GHG reduction enablers in Korea. This report follows the methodology described in ITU-T Recommendation L.1410 and comprises a review of more than 30 ICT services through a literature study and global benchmarking. ​April 2013
Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT Sector Download report


The Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT sector is an ITU-T initiative which provides plenty of detailed support on how ICT companies can build sustainability into the operations and management of their organizations, through the practical application of international standards and guidelines. September 2012
Sustainable ICT in Corporate Organizations Download report


This document focuses on the main sustainability issues companies face in using ICT products and services in their own organizations across four main ICT areas: data centers, desktop infrastructure, telecommunications networks and broadcasting services. September 2012
Sustainable Products Download report


This document provides technical guidance on environmentally conscious design principles and best practices, covering development and manufacture, through to end-of-life treatment. September 2012
Sustainable Buildings Download report


This document provides technical guidance on environmentally conscious design, maintenance, repair and operating principles and best practices from construction through to lifetime use and de-commissioning. September 2012
End of Life Management for ICT Equipment Download report


This document covers the various End-of-Life (EOL) stages, and their accompanying legislation. It also provides support in creating a framework for environmentally-sound management of EOL ICT equipment. September 2012
General Specifications and KPIs Download report


This document focuses on matching environmental KPIs to an organization’s specific business strategy targets, as well as the construction of standardized process to make sure the KPI data is as useful as possible to management. September 2012
Assessment Framework for Environmental Impacts of the ICT Sector Download report


This document explores how the various standards and guidelines can be mapped so that an organization can create a sustainability framework that is relevant to its own business objectives and desired sustainability performance. September 2012
Greening ICT Supply Chains – Survey on Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Initiatives Download report
​This survey details and assesses the existing conflict minerals supply chain due diligence initiatives (incorporating national and international legislation, as well as industry-, government- and multi-stakeholder led schemes) that address the management of the broader spectrum of sustainability issues present in conflict minerals supply chains, with a particular focus on the management of environmental impacts. ​September 2012
An Energy-aware Survey on ICT Device Power Supplies Download report


This survey reports the results of a wide analysis performed on a large set of commercially available external power supplies (more than 300 devices verified and more than 200 electrically measured) to assist the standardization activities within ITU-T Study Group 5 (SG5) (Recommendation ITU-T L.1001). Mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics have been evaluated; correlation and statistics have also been developed. September 2012
Review of Mobile Handset Eco-Rating Schemes Download report


This report provides with an overview of eco-rating schemes developed by the mobile handset industry to communicate the sustainability performance of their products to consumers. September 2012
Guidance on Green ICT Procurement Download report


This Guidance provides directions to ICT companies to promote effective procurement practices with suppliers and customers, and to implement consideration for greater awareness of environmental issues in their business transactions. September 2012
Boosting Energy Efficiency through Smart Grids Download report


This report discusses the role of ICT in the smart grid with a view of energy efficiency, with the ultimate goal of hindering climate changes. September 2012
Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs): the Case of Ghana Download report


This report focuses on exploring an increasingly important question: “How can developing countries effectively integrate ICT tools within climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies?”

The contribution of this report is two-fold. It presents the potential of ICTs towards adaptation and mitigation through the concrete case of Ghana, illustrating the challenges and opportunities faced by developing countries in this field.
September 2012
Using submarine cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning: Opportunities and legal challenges Download report


Recognizing the newness of such uses of undersea telecommunications cables and the complexity of national and international legal-regulatory regimes, this report examines opportunities and legal challenges arising from dual-purpose telecom-marine data cables for ocean and climate monitoring and disaster warning. July 2012
Using submarine cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning: Strategy and roadmap Download report


This report presents a strategy and roadmap to move forward this vision of incorporating sensors into submarine cables. Nowadays, submarine telecommunication cables that traverse oceans transmit the global Internet, but are deaf, dumb and blind to their ocean environment around them. A future is envisioned when telecommunication companies integrate ocean-observing sensors within their submarine cable systems. This new sensory data would crucially advance our knowledge in monitoring global climate change and tsunamis in the deep ocean. July 2012
Using submarine cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning: Engineering Feasibility Study Download report


This report investigates technical feasibility of modifying repeaters to support science instruments for incorporation into commercial telecom cables systems. Allowing and improving long term measurement and data collection, a “Green Repeater" equipped with science instruments will indeed contribute to the effort of better understanding the oceans and the changing climate. July 2012



Cables for Climate Monitoring and Disaster Warning Download here September 2013
​ITU-T Environmentally Sound Management of E-Waste ​Download here ​September 2013
​Brochure of ITU-T Study Group 5 - Environment and Climate Change Download here ​May 2013
​ITU-T Activities on Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) due to Radio Systems and Mobile Equipment Download here ​May 2013
​ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities Download here ​April 2013
​Green ICT Standards: A Path to Environmental Sustainability Download here ​January 2013
​ITU-T Standardized Methodologies to Assess the Environmental Impact of ICTs Download here ​November 2011


Earlier Reports


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