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ITU 150

List of Pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recs

# Title ITU-T Recs. Focal Point Interested Companies Motivations Short-term strategy
1 Conformance testing pilot project on “Network management interface related Recommendations (ITU-T M.3170 series)” Recs. ITU-T M.3170 series (M.3170.0, M.3170.1, M.3170.2, M.3170.3) WANG Zhili (WP2/2 chair) Network Operators
  • China Telecom Co., Ltd.
  • China Southern Power Grid (China)
  • FiberHome (China)
  • ZTE (China)
  • Beijing Metarnet Technologies Co., Ltd. (China)
Testing Labs
  • Beijing Infotel Network Testing Laboratory (China)
  • China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL)
  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT, China)

Taking into account of the wide adoption and influence in industrial of this series of Recommendations, this Conformance testing project will promote products which are compliant to this series of Recommendations, help operators, vendors, and integrators to implement this series of ITU-T Recommendations and better facilitate the interconnection between EMS, NMS, and OSS
for the MTNM interface.

First — gather interested vendors, operators, integrators and others who implement Recs. ITU-T M.3170 series to identify and harmonize their testing requirements.
— select appropriate testing organization(s) that are competent to perform the conformance testing for the Recs. ITU-T M.3170 series against these testing requirements using agreed test suites.
— testing organization(s) to test the products which are based on the Recs. ITU-T M.3170 series by agreed test suites (see 1st above).
— populate the ITU-T product conformance database with testing results generated by selected testing organizations which performed testing, and produced conformance testing report in agreed format.