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International Mobile Roaming (IMR) Resources

Roaming_Salle.jpgDuring the last several years significant policy and regulatory actions have taken place to tackle the problem of high International Mobile Roaming (IMR) service prices at national, regional and international level. The aim has been to reduce what is viewed as excessively high mobile roaming retail prices but also to find longer term solutions to introduce competition in this market which is still viewed as not being contestable. Despite price reduction for IMR and the emergence of a range of alternative technologies and calling solution which, though not always offering close substitutes to roaming, may help in averting some of the challenges, there is nevertheless general agreement that prices diverge significantly from costs and that actions to reduce prices and protect users are essential. The work that has taken place to date across different regions is encouraging and offers a number of best practice frameworks which can be used to improve the delivery of IMR services to the benefit of consumers and other users. The objective of this webpage is to consolidate in one portal all the work done by ITU on this area, to list the activities that are being taken place by other regional and international organizations as well as the initiatives at national, bilateral, regional and international level.