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ITU-D Projects


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Projects in Americas Region

Advisory services to RACSA-Costa Rica on a diagnosis of their ICT Network

AMS CoE Regional Project: Management of capacity building activities

Caribbean Nodes for Centre of Excellence in the Americas Region

Center of Excellence, Costa Rica Node, Phase II

Centre of Excellence Network in the Americas Region - Phase II

Enhancing competitiveness in the Caribbean through the harmonization of ICT Policies, Legislation and Regulatory Procedures

Fostering integration of Argentine Universities in the work of ITU

Human Capacity Building for SENATEL, Ecuador

ICT Digital Inclusion strategies in Argentina

ICT Knowledge development for ICE, Costa Rica

Illegal Telecommunication Traffic Assessment

Installation of a Network of “Community Telecentres” (CTC)

Institutional support for the Spectrum Management

Institutional support in the field of Management of Telecommunications Operators

Institutional Support to CONATEL, Honduras

Institutional support to the SIGET

International Best Practices on Supervision and Audit of the Telecommunication Services for the Audit and Supervision Management Department of OSIPTEL

Master Plans for Spectrum Management

National CIRT Establishment

National CIRT Establishment

National CIRT Establishment - Barbados

National Connectivity Plan in Nicaragua – Connect a School, Connect a Community Project

Organization and Development of CONATEL's Capacity as Regulatory Organ

Provision of assistance and capacity building activities to OSIPTEL, Peru to reinforce its telecommunication regulation capabilities

Provision of Critical Emergency Telecommunications Equipment to UN agencies and partners during the emergency relief phase

Support for Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting in the Americas Region

Support Suriname in the Development of a National School Connectivity Plan and Model Connect Schools

Support the Implementation of National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL, Brazil)

Support to the implementation of a National Spectrum Management Manual for Colombia (Phase 1)

Support to the implementation of a National Spectrum Management Manual for Colombia (Phase 2)

Technical Aspects related to the Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation, Regulation of Human Exposure, the implementation of wireless networks and associated infrastructures

Telecommunication Sector Information System (SIUST) for Colombia