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Global Cybersecurity Index

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is an ITU-ABIresearch joint project to rank the cybersecurity capabilities of nation states. Cybersecurity has a wide field of application that cuts across many industries and sectors. Each country’s level of development will therefore be analyzed within five categories: Legal Measures, Technical Measures, Organizational Measures, Capacity Building and Cooperation.

The final results for 2014​ has been announced at ITU Telecom World'14​, Doha on 9 December. Please see White Paper​ from ITU- ABI Research. 

GCI Current Status
Afghanistan, Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of), Armenia (Republic of), Bangladesh (People's Republic of), Barbados, Bhut
  • Promote government strategies at a national level
  • Drive implementation efforts across industries and sectors
  • Integrate security into the core of technological progress 
  • Foster a global culture of cybersecurity​
​The GCI project finds its basis in the current mandate of the ITU and the related projects and activities of the BDT: 
  • ITU Plenipotentiary Resolutions: 181 (Guadalajara, 2010), 130174 179 (Rev. Busan 2014)
  • ITU WTDC Resoluti​ons: 4567​, 69 (Rev. Dubai, 2014) 
  • ITU WTSA Resolutions: 505258 (Dubai, 2012)​​​​​