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Мероприятия в рамках Международного дня "Девушки в ИКТ" 2015 года

​Fatoumata Kebe

Bamako, Mali, 2015, April 20


The activities took place in the district of Bamako (Niamakoro). Fatoumata took 20 girls of the neighborhood and they did several activities. As Fatoumata only had 2 laptops, one camera, 2 smartphones and one tablet, she carried out the activities in three days with three groups. 

The participating girls were taught how to use a laptop. They learned how to write a story on Microsoft Word. Some of them cannot read so they used Gimp for artworks instead.

The participating girls also made a short movie (1 min) on the topic they wanted either with a smartphone, a tablet or a camera. Then Fatoumata helped them to use Microsoft Movie Maker for this purpose.

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