Practical Information

The Forum will be hosted by ITU and will take place at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. ITU issued badges will be required to enter the ITU and CICG buildings. Additional practical information about Geneva and the ITU, and badging information is available below.

Access to ITU premises
  • All WSIS Forum 2018 participants shall have access to ENTER the ITU Headquarters through the ITU Montbrillant building ONLY.
  • All participants will be allowed to EXIT the premises at any of the three [3] access points (Tower, Varembé, and Montbrillant)
  • On Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 ONLY: the “Red Door”, a special access point, will also be open, allowing for a quicker way to access the CICG venue from the ITU premises, and vice versa.
Getting to ITU

ITU's headquarters in Geneva are conveniently located overlooking the Place des Nations in the heart of the Geneva's United Nations district. Access is easy by foot or private transport, or using public transport.

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The ITU Travel Service maintains a list of hotels and residences of different categories in and around Geneva that offer special rates to delegates attending its conferences and meetings. The list is accompanied by booking forms.

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At and around ITU

How to get around the ITU premises, connect to Wi-Fi, ITU printers, etc. As well as where to find a bank, post office, shops, etc.
At ITU | Around ITU

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Badging Information

Badging Desks

For on-site participants badges issued by ITU will be required to enter the ITU and CICG buildings.

Badging will take place at registration desks located on the ground floor reception area of the ITU Montbrillant building.

Please note:

  • There will be no registration desk at the CICG premises, badges should be collected at the ITU Montbrillant building.
  • Badges should be picked up personally as these are photo badges and a photo is compulsory.
Opening hours

Friday 16 March

14:00 – 17:00

Sunday 18 March (Hackathon participants only)

07:00 – 12:00

Monday 19 – Friday 23 March

08:00 – 12:00 & 13:30 – 17:00