Develop your ideas into tech solutions to ensure food security and end hunger!

Do you have an idea to ensure food security, decrease malnutrition or prevent famine? Join the #HackAgainstHunger !

75% of the world's poor live in rural areas and 2.5 billion people derive their livelihoods from agriculture. However, low agricultural productivity, poor transportation systems and limited policies affect their production and agriculture trade. Today, more than 800 million people worldwide are undernourished, while more than a billion tons of food never make it to the table.

This is exactly where solutions are crucially needed to develop new sustainable agricultural practices, support small-scale and family farmers and allow them equal access to land, technology and markets.

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WSIS Forum 2018
International Telecommunication Union - ITU
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO
Impact Hub Geneva

Presented by WSIS Forum, organized in association with ITU, FAO and Impact Hub Geneva.

What is #HackAgainstHunger?

#HackAgainstHunger is a general effort by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to find innovative solutions to address challenges around food and agriculture. This includes Hackathons happening in three different regions.

  • #HackAgainstHunger/Africa will be happening in February 2018. The Finalists of this event will be selected to participate at the #HackAgainstHunger/Geneva. More information on the exact location, dates and logistical details will be provided soon.

  • #HackAgainstHunger/Caribbean will be held in February 2018. The Finalists of this event will be selected to participate at the #HackAgainstHunger/Geneva. More information on the exact location, dates and logistical details will be provided soon.

  • #HackAgainstHunger/Geneva is a 2-days sprint-like event that will take place on March 18-19 in International Geneva during the WSIS Forum 2018, the world's largest annual gathering of the ‘ICT for development’ community. The mission of the hackathon is to bring together 10+ teams from around the world, to develop their concrete solutions through a creative and highly collaborative approach for ensuring food security and ending hunger.

Why should you participate?

Developing your idea can make a difference in ensuring food security and ending hunger. The #HackAgainstHunger will provide you with the perfect space and platform to get your ideas off the ground.

You will directly benefit from:

  • Topical experts from FAO
  • Process facilitators and experts from ITU
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation coaches
  • Creative tools
  • Inspiring workspace
  • Diverse participants
  • International network

In addition, we will take full care of you during the Hackathon (including meals and drinks) in order for you and your ‘Hack’ team to be able to focus 100% on ideating, prototyping and progressing on your solution.

Who can participate and how?

  • Anyone passionate about technology and innovation.
  • Anyone who has an idea that impacts poverty and/or hunger-related to Agriculture.
  • Hackathon participants shall be between 18 and 35 years old.

If you meet those criteria, you're the perfect candidate to APPLY to one of the #HackAgainstHunger !

Two ways to register:
  • Apply as a team of 3 to 8 participants. (Teams should consider gender balance among members)
  • Apply individually and join a team during the hackathon.

Participation to #HackAgainstHunger is free of charge.

Please note that participants will cover their own expenses for travel, accommodations and insurance. However, a limited number of fellowships (stipends that partially cover travel and accommodation in Geneva) are available for selected teams from developing countries.

Timeline and selection process

The information below applies to each of the three #HackAgainstHunger.

Application Phase

People interested to join any #HackAgainstHunger are invited to apply during the application phase until the deadline. For those who need a visa to come to the #HackAgainstHunger, it will be required for you to apply as soon as possible, at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

Participants Selection

After the deadline, all applications will be screened by the selection committee, composed of the organising team, as well as topical and innovation experts, in order to choose the best hack teams and hackers to join the #HackAgainstHunger.

Participants Notification and Confirmation

Selected hackers will be informed in the two following weeks after the application deadline. We would recommend you to be particularly reactive to your emails during this period of time in order to confirm your presence and submit the necessary documents, in the case you would be selected.

Hack Team formation and Briefing

As soon as all hackers have confirmed their presence, final hack teams will be formed and announced publicly. Each team will benefit from a hack team briefing with the organisational team, in order to receive additional logistical information before #HackAgainstHunger.

Find more specific details under each #HackAgainstHunger agenda.

A Hacka… what?

A Hackathon is a powerful tool to innovate by bringing together diverse actors who do not usually work together. The format embraces the complexity of challenges, as well as enables the participants to identify practical interventions and approaches to address urgent issues. Moreover, the hackers will be benefiting from the specific know-how and skill sets of experts on the topic.

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