ICT Solutions for SDGs

Robots, Drones, Virtual Reality (VR), Applications and Online platforms are more than just “cool gadgets and tools” they can be used to contribute added value to humanity. Participate in the ICT Solutions for SDGs special track to learn and engage with individuals and organizations that are using technology to contribute specifically to one or more of the SDGs. Join us.

During the ICT Solutions for SDGs special track there will be thematic workshops organized that highlight the experiences and methods of unique organizations that apply technology for the realization of a specific SDG. Also, there will be two panels:

Workshop Panel
This is an avenue for a group of innovators to come together and discuss new technology: its impact and possibilities for the future;
Women in ICT Panel
Be inspired by enterprising Women in the Tech space as they share their unique stories and experiences as leaders, founders, co-founders and executives of ICT organizations.

Thematic Workshops

Goodwall for Education (Goodwall App)
Benefit from the Goodwall App and learn how they use technology to enrich the student education experience.
Telemedicine (digiMedLab)
What is Telemedicine? What are its benefits? And what role does technology play in Telemedicine? digiMedLab will provide answers.
Teach Her to Code (Empowerment Lab)
The relationship between coding and creativity.
Social Media for Social Good (Horyou)
Social networking for social good, case study of Horyou, and how to gain visibility, knowledge and financing. Digital social currency.
Virtual Reality and its Potentials For SDGs (SSVAR)
Virtual Reality and the potentials for application in SDGs.
Efficient Mobility Through Technology (Telerail)
Telerail will display one of the “Telerail One”, explaining the benefits of autonomous mobility for health care, disaster management.
Learning Goes Virtual (Better Study)
How to expand learning for professionals using technology. Better Study offers more information.
Technology and Humanitarian Aid (Werobotics)
Ways which technology can be used to enable humanitarian action, the experience of Werobotics.
Impact of ICT on Public Health – Technology Empowering Last Mile Healthcare (Ikure)
Using ikure as a case study and why or how the technology has impacted the process.
Crowdfunding your ICT Projects (WeCan.Fund)
Techniques, methods to benefit from new financing opportunities to make your good projects become reality.
VR and Education (Ezgroup)
Strategies to make VR useful and impactful for education.

Why Should I Join?

The human society has come a long way in terms of technological advancements, our curiosity has opened our world to new horizons and possibilities. From the prehistoric era to 2018 our curiosity has led to technological discoveries and inventions that have shaped the World we live in today. For example, curiosity:

  • empowered the prehistoric humans to discover and apply fire;
  • encouraged the invention of the wheel, paper, glass, windmills, thermometers, cameras, internet, computers etc.

Since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 there are unique individuals and organizations that are harnessing the power of new technology to contribute added value to one or more of the 17 SDGs.

Participate and ignite your curiosity to use modern technology for the development of solutions for SDGs!