C7. E- Environment Climate Change Adaptation in Africa


SOS Call for Connecting the Unconnected to Weather and Climate Warnings

The thematic workshop on Climate Change adaptation in Africa, SOS call for connecting the unconnected aims at raising the delegation’s awareness at the WSIS forum that, although meteorology and climate change science has improved, efforts are still needed in ICT connectivity to support the adaptation by improving a country’s resilience with early warning systems against extreme events.

1: Why do we need to invest in connectivity urgently in Africa  (WMO)

- Key note: Introducing challenges and benefits. 20’ (WMO, Dr Amos Makarau) 

-Key note: Challenges and Opportunities focusing on urgent connectivity needs in Africa 20’ (ITU, Dr Cosmas Zavazava)

2: Severe weather in Africa and impact of current telecom capability on Early Warning Systems (WMO) - African severe weather demonstration projects success and limitations 20‘ (By Abdoulaye Harou / David Thomas (WMO))

3. Open discussions and way forward 30’

All the speakers will sit in the podium and get questions and feedbacks on the way forward 

Speakers / panellists

Key note 1: Dr Amos Makaru, President WMO regional association (Zimbabwe) / Mr Peiliang Shi, Director WMO Information System

Keynote 2: Dr. Cosmas Zavazava, Chief of Department, Project Support and Knowledge Management, Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), ITU

Mr Abodulaye Harou, Chief ,Data Processing and Forecasting Systems Division (WMO)

Mr David Thomas, Chief, Information  and Telecommunication Systems Division (WMO)


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  • C7. ICT Applications: E-environment
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 Goal 13: take urgent action to combat climate change impacts.

13.1 Strenghthen resilience and adaptive capacitytto climate related hazards and natual disasters in all countries.

13.1 Improve education, awareness and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

WSIS Forum 2015 | Innovating Together: Enabling ICTs for Sustainable Development
25–29 May 2015, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland