The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are pleased to invite you to the WSIS Forum 2015, which the ITU will host in Geneva (Switzerland) from 25 to 29 May 2015.

The WSIS Forum 2015 will be held in ITU and WIPO Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland. This event builds upon the tradition of annual WSIS May meetings, and its new format is the result of open consultations with all WSIS Stakeholders. Registration is necessary for WSIS Stakeholders intending to participate in forum or the Open Consultation Process physical meetings.

Onsite Participation

Please make sure you have read the accreditation procedure and registration process information below before registering.


Remote Participation

In order to facilitate the participation and ensure the inclusion of all WSIS Stakeholders, remote participation has been designed as an integral feature of the WSIS Forum 2015.


Practical Information

The Forum will take place at the ITU and WIPO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. ITU issued badges will be required to enter the ITU and WIPO buildings. Click more for practical information about Geneva and the ITU, and for badging information.


Accreditation procedure

Accreditation is required in order to attend the WSIS Forum 2015.

Accreditation is a continuous process. An organization that was granted accreditation to attend the WSIS+10 High-Level Event in 2014 will normally be entitled to attend this year’s Forum, under the condition that the status of the entity and/or participant has not changed since the last accreditation. In any case, ITU reserves the right to request new documents of credentials if it deems necessary.

The following entities will be automatically accredited (under condition that the link between the participant and the entity is obvious):

  1. a Member State of the United Nations or of one of its Specialized Agencies;
  2. the European Union;
  3. any entity, intergovernmental organization and other entities that have received a standing invitation from the UN General Assembly to participate in the capacity of observers in the sessions and work of all international conferences convened under the UNGA auspices;
  4. the Specialized Agencies, the IAEA, the WTO, the OPCW and the CTBTO;
  5. other intergovernmental organizations invited by the ITU Secretary-General;
  6. interested organs of the United Nations;
  7. associate members of UN Regional Commissions;
  8. ITU Sector Members, Associates and Academia;
  9. non-governmental organizations, civil society and business sector entities that have physically attended WSIS+10 High-Level Event in 2014 (under condition that their status has not evolved since their last accreditation).

Other non-governmental organizations, civil society, and business sector entities not yet accredited or whose status has changed, who wish to attend the WSIS Forum 2015 and contribute, need to fill out this form with the required information and send it to The latest deadline for submitting the accreditation application is two weeks before the event (i.e. 11 May); participants who need a visa are strongly recommended to complete the accreditation procedures early enough so to have sufficient remaining time to organize their visa process (at least four weeks before).

Registration process for onsite participation

Please make sure you have read the accreditation process before registering.

Although individual registration remains possible, registration for entities will be facilitated if done by a designated focal point (DFP) (one per entity). Therefore, we strongly encourage accredited entities to designate a DFP who will be responsible for handling registration of participants via username and password. Your organization needs to have been duly accredited before a Focal Point may be designated. Also, participants registered via a DFP have to be part of the entity or need to have a strong link to the entity represented. Further credentials for an applicant may be requested if the WSIS team deems necessary.

If you were already an accredited DFP last year: you should normally have received an e-letter indicating your username & password to be used in order to register your team.

If you were a DFP last year, or if you are part of the ITU Membership (ITU Administration Member States, Sector Member, Associate, or Academia) and have not yet received your username & password this year, or if the DFP details needs to be updated, then kindly contact us at

Already Designated Focal Points: Click link below to access the online registration form for registering your delegation (Accessible only via the username & password you have received as a DFP):

It is also possible to register without going through a DFP at the following link:

However, please note that priority will be given to those registered through their DFP. Also please note that if you were not recently accredited to an ITU WSIS event, if you are not part of the entities mentioned under a. to i., or if you are not registered through a DFP, you will first be required to complete the questionnaire before your accreditation can be processed.

Confirmation of registration: each accredited participant will receive an e-confirmation to the email address provided in the registration form.

The e-confirmation will be the sole document provided for visa support.

Media accreditation

WSIS Forum 2015 | Innovating Together: Enabling ICTs for Sustainable Development
25–29 May 2015, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland