Page 9 - The 4th Global Standards Symposium 2022 - Conclusions
P. 9

Boosting financial inclusion for all with digital transformation

            The GSS-20,

            Recognizing that developing countries are already capitalizing on the widespread use of ICTs to bring all
            people within reach of financial services,

             –     Encourages ITU and other SDOs to support the outcomes of the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative
                   and  the  development  of  technical  standards  that  aim  to  lower  the  cost  of  ICTs,  enhance  the
                   resiliency of digital infrastructure, and support high levels of security for financial transactions.
             –     Recognizes that improving financial inclusion and
                   digital services will require countries to expand
                   their digital public infrastructure, and the digital
                   systems that can facilitate improved government
                   services such as digital identity, data exchange,
                   and  payment  delivery.  To  do  so,  digital  public
                   goods  (e.g.  digital  identity,  etc)  should  be
                   considered  by  governments  and  the  DPG
                   Standard stewarded by the Digital Public Goods
                   Alliance can help ensure these technologies are
                   safe, secure, and utilize digital best practices.

                          Standards as key enablers to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities to
                          accelerate digital transformation and achieve the SDGs

            GSS-20 stressed,

            Recognizing the crucial role played by standards in enhancing digital transformation and achieving the

             –     Urges  collaboration  among  standards  bodies  to  address  the  disparity  between  developing  and
                   developed  countries  in  their  ability  to  access  and  implement  standards  and  frameworks  to
                   accelerate digital transformation, and participate in their development on an equal footing through
                   instruments such as the ITU Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG) Programme.
             –     Invites ITU to continue playing an active role in facilitating and informing ITU membership regarding
                   action-oriented  standards  such  as  trajectories  and  guidelines,  in  order  to  accelerate  their
                   implementation at the local, regional, national and international levels.

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