Page 7 - The 4th Global Standards Symposium 2022 - Conclusions
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Artificial intelligence for road safety

            The GSS-20,
            Recognizing that digital innovation as well as connectivity plays a decisive and important role in enabling
            assisted and automated driving and ensuring road safety for all,

             –     Puts the spotlight on the role of ITU, other SDOs and UN entities in harnessing the potential of AI,
                   and other digital technologies in enhancing road safety through better collection and analysis of
                   crash data, improving the road communication infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of post-crash
                   response,  inspiring  the  development  of  road  safety  functions  leveraging  on  mobile  phone
                   penetration. ITU together with the Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology and the
                   United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, launched the AI for Road Safety
                   initiative, to support in particular developing countries to fully benefit from available technologies
                   aimed at improving road safety, including support of data collection.
             –     Advances  the  importance  of  standards  developed  by  relevant  standardisation  and  regulatory
                   organisations in their respective areas of competence, including ITU, ISO as well as UNECE and other
                   standards/regulations entities in bridging the road safety divide.
             –     Encourages  ITU  to  provide  additional  necessary  telecommunication  guidance  in  the  area  of
                   telecommunications and connectivity on the deployment of self-driving vehicles, and in this respect
                   encourages ongoing pre-standardization efforts by the ITU Focus Group on AI for Autonomous and
                   Assisted Driving (FG-AI4AD) with the aim to ensure that performance of AI on roadways meets, or
                   exceeds, the performance of a responsible human driver.

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