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ITU Academy

The ITU Academy aims to become the leading supplier and the repository of reference for all training and professional development programs relating to the ICT sector. 


The ITU Academy will operate at two levels; it will manage the development of a coherent ITU training and development strategy, reflecting the demands of its members and stakeholders; at an operational level, it will manage the design of training resources and coordinate training delivery. As such, it will offer a single point of entry to all ITU human capacity-building resources, with an on-line catalogue as a navigation tool for users and interested parties.  

The Concept

The ITU Academy has been established as the lead agent for all ITU human capacity-building activities, including policy-making and implementation. It will work with ITU members, stakeholders and partners to create a major force for knowledge transfer within the ICT sector.
ITU Academy responds to demands for knowledge and skills in ICT training, teaching and research. The Academy offers a wide and growing range of general and specialized courses on all aspects of telecommunications in Radiocommunication, Telecommunication Standardization and Telecommunication Development. Programs are delivered face-to-face, as well as through online learning. These are designed to equip an expanding number of target groups with the specialist knowledge and tools they require, to find their way around the rapidly-evolving domain of ICTs and to use the skills and relevant technology in creating a knowledge society. Principally, the programs serve a varied audience – policy-makers, telecommunications/ICT business managers and practitioners, government officials from Ministries of ICT and regulatory authorities, diplomats and representatives, students and teachers of telecommunications/ICT as well as Civil Society.


Overall Objective

The primary objective of the ITU Academy is to harmonize, integrate and gather under one umbrella all existing ITU training services corresponding to the organization's main areas of activity – radiocommunications, standardization and development - and to extend the current portfolio of training programs. 


The above primary objective is supported by four sub-objectives:
  • To work with members, stakeholders and partners in setting priorities for ICT training, development and human capacity-building;
  • To commission the design of training, development and human capacity-building solutions in response to agreed priorities, drawing on the services of recognized experts;
  • To create a library of ICT learning and human capacity-building resources;
  • To provide a platform for knowledge transfer

Activities to deliver the objectives

The above objectives are delivered through the following areas of activities:
  • Creating a web portal as a single point of entry to all ITU training products and services, together with a service catalogue.
  • Coordinating all human capacity-building activities across the other ITU bureaus, providing a strategic development framework for future training design and setting world-class standards for quality.
  • Offering a showcase for the ITU’s capacity-building solutions.
  • Coordinating service delivery through partner organizations such as the global networks of Centres of Excellence and the Internet Training Centres
  • As a briefing document, this brochure is organized into different sections which focus on a number of important areas to explain in more detail how the ITU Academy objectives will be met:
  • An outline of the role of the ITU Academy in working with partners and stakeholders to determine sector-wide requirements for ICT human capacity-building;
  • An explanation of how the Academy will coordinate the development and delivery of ITU training solutions to meet these requirements;
  • Detailed information on plans to create a world-class repository of training materials for the ICT sector;
  • An explanation of how the ITU Academy will coordinate knowledge transfers through its e-learning and mobile learning (m-learning) facilities and through its networks of Centres of Excellence and Internet Training Centres;
  • An outline of current plans to acquire external accreditation for its training.