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Herramienta de navegación del Reglamento de Radiocomunicaciones

Herramienta de navegación del Reglamento de Radiocomunicaciones
El Reglamento de Radiocomunicaciones contiene el texto completo del Reglamento de Radiocomunicaciones adoptado por la Conferencia Mundial de Radiocomunicaciones (Ginebra, 1995) (CMR-95) y ulteriormente revisado y adoptado por las Conferencias Mundiales de Radiocomunicaciones, junto con todos los Apéndices, las Resoluciones, las Recomendaciones y las Recomendaciones UIT-R incorporadas por referencia.
2016   Aviso de publicación con formulario de pedido

The Radio Regulations Navigation Tool is a Java application dedicated to the browsing among the provisions of Volumes I to IV of the Radio Regulations (Edition 2016), and of the Rules of Procedure. This application also permits to navigate from the above provisions into the ITU Constitution and Convention, Plenipotentiary Conference Resolutions, and ITU-R Recommendations cited but not incorporated by reference in the Radio Regulations.

Exceptionally for this product and newly released RR5 Table of Frequency Allocations software, purchasers will be provided with a controlled access license based on their user station/ID; please allow up to 1 business day for processing. For more information, please contact with RR Navigation Tool in subject.

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