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Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC) – Version 3.0

Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC) – Version 3.0
Edition 2009
The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released the third version of a harmonized, efficient, automated technical and administrative tool for spectrum management in developing countries under the brand name SMS4DC (Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries). The version 3.0 contains an upgrade to display results on Google Earth; provide links between SMS4DC and the ARGUS monitoring software of Rohde & Schwarz; the frequency allocation table approved by WRC-07 and additional enhancements to the Version 2 of the software.
SMS4DC is sold as an integrated software package on CD-ROM containing the Software, a user manual and Digital Terrain Map of the world. SMS4DC software is available in English, with the user manual in English.
No facilities of services regarding data migration or specific software support or training are included in this Publication. It may be necessary for some users to obtain assistance in order to take full advantage of SMS4DC. ITU invites users having special needs to contact BDT (bdtmail@itu.int) to discuss specific assistance possibilities.

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