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Tariff Policies

The Tariff Policies Database is part of the ITU ICT-Eye platform. It is intended to track and show trends in the application of national tariff policies worldwide.

This database presents information related to price regulation of telecommunication/ICT services, costs and tariff models applied by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) for wholesale (rates paid between operators) and retail tariffs (paid by consumers), broadband pricing strategies, taxation issues, roaming and much more.

The data is collected annually from National Regulatory Authorities worldwide. Each year the survey is adapted to reflect the rapid changing market conditions. This survey is managed by the ITU/BDT Regulatory and Market Environment Division (RME).

Key data facts for the world


Year Classification *
Broadband services pricing 
Cost and tariff models - Advanced services 
Cost and tariff models - Traditional services 
Economic aspect of Next Generation Networks 
Infrastructure sharing 
Infrastructure sharing new 
Interconnection costing issues 
International Internet connectivity (IIC) 
Mobile Roaming 
Price regulation of retail and wholesale telecommunication/ICT services 
Tariff policies 3.6 
Tariff policies 3.6.1 
Tariff rebalancing issues 
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