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المسألة 3/2
تأمين شبكات المعلومات والاتصالات: أفضل الممارسات من أجل بناء ثقافة الأمن السيبراني
المسألة 3/2
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Expected output
1 Reports to the membership on the issues identified in paragraphs 2 a) to j) above. The reports in question will reflect that secure information and communication networks are integral to building of the information society and to the economic and social development of all nations. Cybersecurity challenges include potential unauthorized access to, destruction of and modification of information transmitted on ICT networks, as well as countering and combating spam. However, the consequences of such challenges can be mitigated by increasing awareness of cybersecurity issues, establishing effective public-private partnerships and sharing successful best practices employed by policy-makers and businesses, and through collaborating with other stakeholders. In addition, a culture of cybersecurity can promote trust and confidence in these networks, stimulate secure usage, ensure protection of data and privacy while enhancing access and trade, and enable nations to better achieve the economic and social development benefits of the information society. 2 Educational materials for use in workshops, seminars, etc. 3 Accumulation of knowledge, information and best practices on effective, efficient and useful measures and activities to enhance cybersecurity in developing countries resulting from ad hoc sessions, seminars and workshops.  
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