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Question 10-3/2
Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas
Question 10-3/2
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Expected output
The expected output of Question 10-3/2 for the study period 2010-2014 will include] a report on the results of the work conducted [on studies in the following areas]: a) [To continue identification of the full range of potential techniques and solutions that can significantly impact on the provision of telecommunication/ICT applications in rural and remote areas, with emphasis on those that employ the latest broadband technologies designed to lower infrastructure capital and operating costs, assisting convergence between services and applications, taking into considerations reducing green house gas emissions. b) To continue to investigate and report on how the techniques identified above can be used to best deliver the range of services, and applications required by rural and remote communities and adapted to the needs of their users. c) To identify, assess and consolidate the challenges faced by developing countries in setting up a low cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure in rural areas of developing nations. d) To describe the evolution of system requirements for rural network system specifically addressing such identified challenges of rural deployment. e) To continue consideration of the sustainability of the techniques and solutions identified in the [earlier] steps. f) To augment the report on the range of case studies that clearly demonstrate how a range of techniques, based on new technology aimed at providing reduced capital and operating cost solutions, reducing (GHG) emissions and enhancing community participation, can maximize the benefits of broadband telecommunication/ICT infrastructure in rural and remote areas.] [The report can be accompanied by] one or more recommendations at the appropriate times, either during the course of or at the conclusion of the cycle.  
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